Another Broken Screen • Asus Transformer Pad

Remember this post from back in August about Optimus, my new  ASUS Transformer TF300 32 GB Tabletand the ease at which the screen was broken {}?

Well guess what?

I got my screen fixed for the bargain basement price of $170 + shipping directly from Asus.

Yes you read that correctly … I paid almost $400 for the tablet and then paid another $170 to get the screen fixed.

Talk about FAIL.URE.

Moving right along … I do like the tablet but can’t say I *love* it because I’m afraid to really use the thing because of how easily the screen broke.

Then to add insult to injury {or rather to prove that the tablet’s screen breaks *WAY* too easily and Asus shiested me out of $170}, my sister-in-law’s tablet suffered a mysterious broken screen about a month ago and she doesn’t know how it broke.

She put the thing down, went to use it later and the screen was cracked.

Sound familiar?

Anyhoo here’s what she was left with after the Asus screen breaking fairies got a hold of her tablet:

asus transformer tab broken screen

My brother-in-law also has one and his screen is still intact. I think 2 our of 3 screens breaking within months is a little too high on the spectrum of possibilities and Asus needs to get its product together and make more durable screens! If you Google it you’ll quickly see we aren’t the only ones.

I want my $170 back

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photo credit: glamazini


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  1. regina s

    must be a flaw the company will not admit. And i seen some bad reviews on this while shopping for my tablet. you deserve the money back to get a better tablet.

  2. Soooo… I have the tablet and I have never cracked the screen. I’ve had it for a year or more and I’m a fashion design student and needless to say I don’t handle it with kid gloves its usually under text books sewing supplies and all kinds of the crap. I wonder if it’s because I have a invisibleshield?

  3. That’s really sad. Spending $170 over $400 seems really costly! I have a Blackberry tablet, and it is still going on well. But I also have an iPad and noting to beat that:)

  4. BigTickles

    I was wondering what happened with your tablet. It is probably a known issue. I am sad to hear that your SIL suffered the same fate.

  5. SF

    Also whenever you buy any electronics item always get a Square Trade warranty. They refund the full purchase price if anything goes wrong or give you the money to buy back the same item or its equivalent. Anything electronic I automatically purchase a Square Trade warranty…and no am not affiliated with them lol. Just a fellow tech-fiend and well aware of the pain of replacing damaged big ticket items. Good luck, but the Facebook shaming along with pics through their page usually does the trick for most companies these days.

  6. Jason

    I had my tablet for about 2 months until 1 night I put it under my pillow ( the one I was not sleeping on) and forgot about it… About a week layer I remembered where it was and the “outside screen” was fine however the inside was cracked is that normal? I’m still trying to figure out if it covers warranty

  7. Fell off bed onto carpet and screen cracks !!! hmmmm ok!! yeah!! wow … did I mention this thing was in a case ! hmmmm ok!! well worst product ever award goes to ASUS!!!

  8. Sucker!!!

    Yep, bought the ASUS tab with a keyboard thinking this was a smart idea. Yeah, very dumb idea, tablet cracked without any help and I can only put it down to opening and closing the tablet with the dock which is quite stiff. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT COZ IT COSTS TOO MUCH FOR REPLACEMENT>

  9. Gnart

    ASUS repair of items (under warranty or not) is a big headache. They have good products but do not care about customers after the sale. I had the 1st Transformer table, the screen had not crack. I am wary about buying the current generation of ASUS tablets because of the number of reported screen cracks (some spontaneously). A spontaneous disenchanting email from customers to ASUS or a boycott would get their attention.

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