I Oil Pulled For Three Months, Here’s What Happened

5 Things I Do With Coconut Oil

A few months ago I shared 6 ways I use my beloved coconut oil and oil pulling was one of them.

Oil pulling is a health remedy that uses plant based oils to detoxify the body and clean the teeth and mouth.  It’s called “pulling” because the oil is supposed to “pull” toxins out of your system.  

I have started oil pulling on several occasions in the past, but never kept it up because I never noticed any benefits. I’d do it for  a couple weeks before I got discouraged and stopped entirely.

This time was different.

I started oil pulling in early March and kept it up (almost) daily oil for three months. My goal was to give it a chance to actually work on any of my health concerns (allergy relief, detoxification, increased energy, tooth whitening were my goals).

Let’s review what I did:

  1. Optional: Brush teeth as usual
  2. Put a teaspoon of oil into my mouth (don’t worry, if it’s solid it will melt)
  3. Swish the oil around for 20 minutes (I typically do this while I’m getting ready in the morning and in the shower)
  4. Spit the oil into the kitchen trash or a small plastic baggy and discard.  Don’t spit in sink or tub because oil can clog pipes overtime.
  5. Optional: Brush your teeth again (Note: you have to pick one of the teeth brushing sessions, both of them aren’t optional LOL. )

My final results are not much to blog about. I noticed no relief with allergies (although I know others who rave about oil pulling for this issue, I prefer my neti pot), I noticed no general feeling of well-being or energy increase, and I noticed no whitening of my teeth (yes I took a before and after picture but I don’t want to post them so you’ll have to take my word, no whitening).

Ironically the two things I did notice after oil pulling for three months were my mouth felt super clean after each oil pulling session and ironically, kind of a comforting feeling of the repetitive swishing since I’ve been doing it for months now.

So as I said in my last post, I did not notice any benefits from oil pulling so I was not motivated to continue, and I still am not, although I must confess that I may do it every once in a while because it’s strangely relaxing. Who knew?

Do you oil pull and if so have you noticed any benefits?



  1. I started oil pulling four months ago to help with hormone balance issues (I have PCOS) and I’ve noticed a difference. I’ve alternated between virgin coconut oil and extra virgin sesame oil and I’ve noticed differences in results. With both I’ve had the allergy relief/sinus drain, an energy boost and a great reduction in gum inflammation. With sesame oil I’ve felt a higher level of detox and greater energy boost….possibly this oil is better for the hormone balancing, but I’m not sure. Because I’ve alternated I don’t know which one is better for teeth whitening but I’ve noticed a difference, although not quite the whitening one would get with a dental treatment. Have you tried any other oils but coconut? If not, and you were willing to give it a shot, maybe sesame oil would work better.

    • glamazini

      I did try sesame oil for a sec but didn’t care for it. Ironically I’m getting my hormones tested right now because I suspect they are out of whack and since I’ve been oil pulling all this time I don’t think it’s helping with that. I know lots of people who say they have had great results, which is why I gave it a prolonged try. Guess it’s just not for me.

  2. I have had great results, but I haven’t been oil pulling regularly. I started with a daily routine that lasted a couple of weeks but it was pushing back my Bible study time so I phased it out and I now oil pull at the beginning of a cold or when I’ve been eating junk. I’ve used both coconut oil and sesame oil, but I tended to use sesame oil more often. Having switched to two different allergy climates this year, my body has been very confused about processing the different Spring air ‘extras’. London actually gave us the worse season allergies we’ve ever experienced and Athens almost sidelined me for our first few days there. Each time, I was able to rebound by oil pulling (in addition to my neti pot and finding good local honey). I’m a big fan.

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