Renovatio 2012 A Celebration of Life

On March 29th, 2008 I almost died. Ever since then, I’ve taken that date to celebrate my life with an annual event I dubbed ‘Renovatio“. The word means “rebirth, renovation” in Latin and I feel is most apropo. This year I checked yet another item off my 40 by 40 and bucket lists by surprising my friends with tickets to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in concert!

bucket list
Me & them gals after the concert

I have been stalking the choir for the past six years. They were here in St. Louis in 2006 and I missed them, then they were in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and I missed them, then Tortola British Virgin Islands and I missed them (my mom saw them).  I was SO HAPPY when I saw they would be back in St. Louis and grabbed tickets quickly.  We had a blast and I highly recommend the Soweto Gospel Choir to anyone who is a lover of music and/or dance.

Afterward we had a girls night/sleepover that was so much fun.  We stayed up way to late and kept the party going into the next day.  I love my friends and those sleepovers that we have every once in a while are like free therapy for me, so necessary and good for my mental health. If you don’t have you some good girl friends get you some STAT! LOL

Since the actual dates of Renavatio are March 29th & 30th, hubby and I went out to din din and a movie last night for a little couple time. *yay*

This post is in stark contrast to the “wasted day” post from before, but it’s the real deal so up it goes. Last weekend was stellar and memorable. I had the best time ever and felt truly ALIVE.  Between the concert and Oprahs Lifeclass I put a hurting on my bucket list and had fun doing so.  I’m blessed.

Have an awesome weekend everyone :)

What have you done lately just to celebrate being alive?

Until next time Glam Fam I wish you

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Nappyness,

Disclosure:  The tickets to the concert, dinner and the movie were purchased by me with my own money.  For more information about the disclosure policy, click here.


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