Sorrow Happens • SPECIAL NEEDS MOM

In this quick video I encourage moms with children with special needs and let them know that sorrowful things happen and they are not alone. Having a child that will live a different life and mourning the fact that you may never see them (fill in the blank … think walk, run, talk etc.) can cause anyone to be sad at times. This is a valid response so do not beat yourself up, please know that you are 100% normal. In this video I share an experience that triggered such feelings of deep sorrow in myself.

Hope this helps someone, stay blessed.

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  1. Adonnica

    Roshini, I want to say something encouraging, but nothing comes close to that signature laugh at the end of your video! You must be doing something right to bring forth such love and light and laughter. You’re a Mommy. Youre giving him “all of you” )have you read or heard John Legend’s Penn commencemnt speech? Check it out.)

    I have zero experience in motherhood, or taking care of children with special needs, but I have been a recipient of Love, and I just want to tell you you doing alright. Love God, Love you, and love others. Thanks for sharing your life and experiences and emotions with us. This piece of you that you give to us encourages me, so I can only imagine how much Life it gives to your son and family. Thank you.

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