Using Vitamin E Oil to Fade Hyperpigmentation

At the risk of sounding like a commercial … do you suffer from hyperpigmentation (dark spots & discoloration) like I do?

I’ve dealt with this all my life, however it seems like in recent years I’m getting it more (due to age), noticing it more, or just lighter because I live in Missouri and not the Virgin Islands so the spots show up more.  9 times out of 10 I will get a dark mark on my face after I have a blemish or an ingrown hair.

That said, a few months ago I decided to go old school and try vitamin E oil on a specific dark spot to see if it really works to fade them like momma used to say. I’ve been meaning to do this post for months now but the short answer is YEP, it worked for me!

This is what I used:

how to fade dark spots using vitamin e

Home Health Vitamin E Oil purchased on

I only used the oil on one spot as a trial because it would be easier to see if it really worked. Here I was in September:

how to fade dark spots using vitamin e

and here I am yesterday!

how to fade dark spots using vitamin e

I used the oil once a day directly on the spot. I applied a dab with clean fingers every AM before leaving the house and rubbed it into my skin. It took about a month before I noticed that the spot has faded significantly. By the end of two months it was gone completely. Since, I’ve been using it on other marks around my face and I see a marked difference.

The only issue I had was the lack of a convenient applicator like a roll on or a dropper. I really should have done this post a month ago but better late than never *shrug*. I’ve since been using it on other spots that crop up with much success!

Have you ever tried Vitamin E Oil  to fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots? 



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  1. My mom has said the same thing, too. Vitamin E and pure cocoa butter stick for fading scars. I’ve used that yellow cocoa butter stick (with vitamin E, now that I think about it, hmmmm), on my many scars for years with success.

    Thanks for doing this little experiment, chica.

  2. Keni

    Hi Ini, I have a couple questions.
    1) How do you apply this before moisturizer? Sun screen?
    2) Tend Skin, Im using it but in in growns are getting worse. Again, how/when do you apply?

    • glamazini

      1. I apply this 1st underneath any other products, directly onto the spot
      2. Really, the Tend Skin isn’t working for you? You have to use it the first few days immediately after removing the hair. I apply that before product as well. If I have to do Tend Skin and Vitamin E oil I’d do them in that order, letting the TS dry a bit, then rubbing the VE oil in with a clean finger.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Is that pure Vit E oil or is it mixed with a carrier oil? I used a Vitamin E oil mixed with Safflower oil once; it faded my spots but then I had an allergic reaction to the safflower. Womp.

  4. BigTickles

    I just did a 5 sec praise dance on this post — whew! 😉

    I was just thinking about my face yesterday and BOOYAH you have offered something that may work for me.


  5. egc150

    Thanks for this post. I have the same problem and am afraid to use any of those fading creams. My daughter on the other hand has the exact opposite issue…she experiences hypopigmentation…the color comes back eventually but it take awhile.

  6. I just ordered some of this thanks to you! I’m hoping it’ll give me great results too. I wonder if it’ll help my keloid scar on my shoulder..I’d be happy with it just lightened but if it can go all the way away for good, lovely!

  7. True Beauty

    Have u ever tried or heard of someone getting the same positive results using the Vit E capsules? I recently bought some when a friend recommended poking holes in the capsules. Haven’t tried them yet but wondering if the result would be the same.

  8. Macy

    Just seen your post, years later. And my challenge is I tweeze my facial hair and that leaves me with serious hyper pigmentation. Any nip will leave me with a dark spot. So 2 questions: what’s, in your experience, the best hair removal for the odd facial hair, mainly on my jaw line that will eliminate any dark scars. 2. Does the vitamin e oil help with recurrent scaring – the hairs tend to grow from the exact spot and hence what appears to be constant scarring. Maybe 3 – anyone else suffers from hyper pigmentation from even the smallest nick, how do you manage it?

    • glamazini

      Hi Macy,

      I did a hair removal series a while back that was EPIC, check it out here and be sure to read the comments as well!
      Check it out here:

      At this time I’m threading my brows, tweezing/threading my chin/jaw and using a mini shaver on my upper lip. I use the vitamin E oil on any hyper-pigmentation there as well. I’m not sure if it helps with recurrent scaring.

  9. Christine T

    Thank you for the before and after pictures! Definitely worth a shot for anyone else looking to fade a dark spot. It does work so that’s somewhat of a relief.

  10. Kathy

    +1 for Vitamin E oil, for best results and to be sure you’re getting the “good stuff” buy Vitamin E supplements sold as gel caps. Simply pierce the capsule with a pin and squeeze out pure vitamin E goodness! Look for alpha d tocopherol in the ingredient list or simply tocopherol. If it reads alpha dl tocopherol (it is synthetic vitamin E, not as effective) or has additional mineral oils added DO NOT USE they have been claimed to cause contact dermatitis, cystic acne etc

    I suffered from severe adult cystic acne caused by undiagnosed PCOS, for years, was prescribed Accutane 6 months ago and am now acne free but cannot have any laser scar treatments yet because the Accutane makes the skin more prone to scarring. I started slathering my skin every night with viitamin E about 3 weeks ago despite some naysayers online because I figured my face couldn”t possibly look any worse. Today is day 26 and the difference is almost miraculous, absolutely no redness whatsoever!, those ginormous pores? gone, poof! disappeared ( I no longer digitally airbrush my skin in my photos 😛 ) Skin is firmer, tighter… it literally bounces back when I pinch and release. All but the worst “crater” scars have smoothened out, I have to get really close to the mirror to spot them. Just foundation and mineral powder does the job now, as opposed to choking my skin with full coverage foundation/ concealer and sill being left with ridges and pits :(

    I took the time to write out this lengthy comment because there aren’t enough positive reviews online advocating the use of Vitamin E to treat scars, and too many against it, which I don’t understand because it’s natural , cheap and totally safe.

  11. nazia

    Hlo ladies ..i am from india.. 10 yrs back my mom suffered from hyperpigmentation n it was severe. .. she consulted many dermatologist bt nothing seemd working… them someone suggested to use vitamin e cap evion with vasleine gel and it took ariund 7 monhs bt till date her face is spotless n very glowy… now i have got some blemishes which are light bt i have also started doing the same since a week…hope i get the same results :)

  12. Ada

    I have hyperpigmentation on my face, it is call Melasma…that is how I ended up here looking for a way to clear my skin…I will appreciate responce…thank you.

    • glamazini

      I’m not sure if the Vitamin E will work on Melasma. Often time it’s caused by hormonal changes or sun exposure so you may want to research those causes as well.

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